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Log in Subscribe. Read the full article. Start your free trial. Want to read more? Subscribe now and get unlimited digital access on web and our smartphone and tablet apps, free for your first month. You are currently logged out. Log in Register. Saying that, exactly what we want on our plate, within the wrapping, and on our television screens on Christmas Day can differ every time. The Last Dragonslayer might, at first glance, look like it's offering something that's getting a bit too familiar. For instance, it's a story about an orphan who lives in a magical world that's in peril, and that orphan is going to turn out to be the key to saving that world.

There's a cast of well-known faces to British TV, and there's a quest, and a magic sword, and a dragon that's voiced by somebody famous in this case, Richard E. These facets are all a mix of the standard elements to fantasy writing, and to the big seasonal production. But watching it proved to me that there's a lot of variation still possible within those set parameters, and quite early on this fantasy adventure changed from being something I'd happily doze off to after my roast dinner to something I wanted to stay awake for.

A lot of that is due to its sense of humour. It really made me laugh, because of performances, the one-liners, and the world in which it was set. Yes, I absolutely loved the world in particular - the Ununited Kingdom, a version of Britain in which Herefordshire has its own King, and magic jostles up against capitalism. There's no pretence here that magic doesn't exist; instead there's simply no respect for it. The magic is weakening anyway - could that be connected to the fact that there's only one dragon left, flying about in the tract of land that separates it from people?

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Many citizens would much rather the dragon got bumped off, and magic faded entirely. Then the dragon lands could be snapped up and transformed into housing estates and supermarkets. Everyone's refusal to see wonder in the presence of dragons and magic feels very amusing, and also a bit painfully recognisable in the way we treat the wonders of nature that surround us. There's a brilliant moment where King Snodd played by the incredibly engaging Matt Berry explains that "marketing is the new magic" because it can make people choose one product over another.

Isn't that incredible?! You laugh, but you also want to cry a bit. Right in the middle of this strange battle between two ways of life is Jennifer Strange, an orphan who is taken into indentured servitude by a magician called The Great Zambini a really warm performance from Andrew Buchan.

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She has no magical powers herself, but when Zambini disappears, she discovers that since her birth she has been destined to become the Last Dragonslayer. This role comes with a magic sword, an assistant, and the ability to enter the dragon's lands. He was not like this when I married him and he knew how I felt about these things, I loved him dearly but would not suffer the foolishness.

I have always put them first and at any sign of a problem, get them help with my constant love, reassurance and sometimes therapy. My son, in the 10th grade now, was always popular, self-assured, and athletic. We have lived in our same home for 20 years and he grew up with all his friends since kindergarten. Now he states he has severe social anxiety and cannot tolerate going back to school this year and asked to complete high school through the online learning programs which I am allowing him to do.

It is breaking my heart he feels this way, and i feel responsible. How can such a beautiful young man, so full of promise, have so much anxiety he wants to hide away? Me, I had neurosurgery 9 years ago at L for herniated disc. The sciatica pain was nearly enough to kill me before, I dont know how I did it and kept working, it has broken me down but i did keep on trying as much as i can. I just cannot keep up.

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I have nightmares about once or twice a week. I am socially isolated at home, I believe I am disabled from these disorders, which I do not choose to have! I am so weak and hurting, and depressed at times, I cannot even keep up with the dishes in the sink. It disgusts me to have a house thats not clean and in order!

I do have an emotional support animal that is my best friend, he is a solid black German Shepherd, and I thank God for him! I think about when I retire, I dream about running a K-9 training camp. I love animals.

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I am starting another new job, two days a week only and also have decided to go back to school, online, to become a Nurse Practitioner. I do not know how I am going to do these things but my will to survive keeps me pushing forward. I was laid off last December and am in the process of negotiating a modification for my mortgage, too.

I am so afraid I am going to lose my house and end up living with my parents! The situation is so close I can smell it and even plan the what-if scenario in my mind. What will I need to do if this happens? You know? So, anyway, I just wanted to share my story with you and all that feel this way too. You are not alone, I am here to talk to any time any if you need a friend to lift you up, I will do my best!

I promise you that. I am experiencing loneliness, and depression.

I would love to make friends with you and people in my community. I m in Chicago in south Belmont cardigan area All replies answered and welcome to get to know for social connections. To Tammy in Muncie Indiana, Things can become overwhelming on your own, you need to take on one thing at a time. I see your kids are your number one concern. I had a similar situation with my son. He started high school on a high note and did very well, but began to suffer anxiety and wanted to withdraw by the end of his sophomore year.

He easily tested out and enrolled in the local junior college where he ran into the same demons. He is 32 now and rarely leaves the house and lives in a ideological world on the computer. To Sam where are you sir what city and state. It sounds like you could really use some resourses and possibly a break. Your taking on quite abit for just one man no matter if you have your own health pro blems or not.. Im very concerned for you.. Please get a hold of PatientAdvocate just google it and tell them what you are going through with your wife and daughter and lets see if you cant get you some help with your two important ladies in your life.


Take care. The Dr. Just talking to someone who understands where your coming helps. Feel free to e-mail : naturesgoddess gmail. Hello Jeniffer so sorry to hear about the tragedy you have suffered just keep the faith you are not alone, as you can see there are a lot of good people in this world that are reaching out to say it is going to be ok. Thanks to all the people and their comments. You are going through an enormous amount of difficulty right now. You have suffered multiple loses of permanent things in your life. You are grieving for each one. I am praying for you and I am will to help and be a friend.

I can imagine what you are going through.

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I have primary immune failure. I have asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, systemic lupus erythematosis, ulcerative colitis, diabetes, fibromyalgia, sjogrens syndrome. I am on over 30 prescription medications daily.

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In addition I take 2 injections that I give myself, an inhaler I use 2 times daily, nasal spray 2 times daily and prescription eye drops twice daily. My hands are now closing up from the rheumatoid arthritis. I hurt always, My bones are really bad and if I fall I always break bones. My life is a lot of work everyday just to maintain myself. My poor husband is very healthy and wants to be way more active than I can be.

I deteriorated so much since we got her. I fell last October and broke 6 bones in my lower back and my pubic bone. My husband and dog suffered a lot from this. I did too. Any comforting words are welcome. Thank you. There are a number of social organizations that you can join. Meals On Wheels is one of them. Each week I publish a list of week end activities.

This may surprise you, but volunteering with a local government committee is a quick way to meet people and get active.