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Brief History of Science Translation in China – Meta – Érudit

Market Brief: China wants US tariffs removed before further farm goods purchases

Macron came out with some strong words, saying there are some firms, such as Google, that are trying to find a way out of the copyright deal. Current Digital Economy and Society Commissioner Mariya Gabriel called for unity this week, opening the first stakeholder dialogue on the Copyright Directive. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Cyber Robert Strayer briefed Brussels reporters earlier this week and repeated the previous US threat to potentially cut information sharing with Berlin, unless Germany ensures that it only works with trusted vendors.

Mo updated me on the ongoing developments in the city, following prolonged clashes between police and protesters.

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Joshua Wong, the poster-boy for the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong , had previously told me that his group were desperate for Europe to do more to help out. This week, Mo gave me an insight into how the Hong Kong government may be using technology to surveil protestors and highlighted that protestors feel they are being continuously surveilled by way of the use of various technologies, including smart lampposts.

Earlier this week I got wind of the anticipated trialogue timetable for the talks on the controversial online terrorist content regulation. The first round of negotiations takes place today, followed by a second trialogue on 20 November, and a third on 5 December. Technical meetings will also be taking place in between. There are a number of sticky issues with regards to the negotiations. One such, although the positions of the Council and the Parliament appear close on this, is the minimum timeframe of removal orders — the position of both the Parliament and the Council is to force companies to remove online content promoting terrorism within an hour of receiving an order from national authorities.

MEPs also believe there should be no compulsory use of filters or automated tools. Lobbyists have also started speaking up, too. Ye Yonglie and Charlotte Dunsing, Goldmann, translated the first batch of Chinese science fiction into German language.

The English world once again regained interest in Chinese science fiction in the new century. Translated works from Chinese can be found on various platforms and the largest input came from magazines.

A Nazi resurgence

It was included in InterNova 1: Unexplored Territories Between and , Peregrine published three pieces, Pathlight came in second with ten works and Renditions led the way with twelve Chinese stories. Featured together with stories published in other Italian anthologies, Italian became the language with the most pieces of translated Chinese science fiction during this period.

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Also worth noting, is that Chinese science fiction was also first translated into Polish and Swedish in and The first foreign language version of the first book in the trilogy, The Three-Body Problem , was actually the Korean version The trilogy has sold over seven million copies of its Chinese version and , copies of its English version, making it the No. Ken Liu, Tor Books, is notable for Chinese science fiction lovers. Chinese science fiction was also featured in other anthologies such as Carbide Tipped Pens ed. Lucas K.

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  8. For the first time, Chinese science fiction short stories were published in magazines in Finnish , Czech , and Russian However, none of the above has been as dedicated to Chinese science fiction as Clarkesworld , publishing four pieces of Chinese science fiction in , and over thirty in the four years that followed.

    This partnership has established an ongoing platform to introduce established authors such as Liu Cixin and Han Song as well as a younger generation of leading figures such as Xia Jia, Zhang Ran, and A Que, in a quest to show the diversity of contemporary Chinese science fiction.

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    Storycom, a Chinese story commercialization agency focusing on the science fiction genre, knows well about the importance of international communication. Under the guidance of its nonprofit project, the Shimmer Program, Storycom supports the translation of Chinese science fiction into other languages. Touchable Unreality , the first English-Chinese bilingual anthology of contemporary Chinese science fiction was published in China in A new anthology is planned for this year, and this time, it will be published in both China and the United States.

    The Italian-Chinese bilingual anthologies Nebula and Sinosfera are also supported under the same scheme.


    The Shimmer Program is also committed to sharing Chinese science fiction stories, fandom news and in-depth articles via its Facebook page and Twitter account. Efforts have been made to introduce Chinese science fiction to other languages like Romanian, Bulgarian, and Hungarian as well.

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    It has been over fifty years since the first Chinese science fiction was translated into a foreign language and we are glad to see the many achievements that have been made with a hopeful eye towards the future. Click here to hide the comments. Name required. Mail will not be published required. Note: Comments containing name-calling, personal attacks, threats, or other abusive content will be edited or deleted.