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Plus, according to AVMA's calculations, a lot of households own multiple poultry pets. Can you say chicken coop? According to AVMA's calculations, out of 1, households own a hamster. This not surprising since they're small in size and can affordably found in most pet stores in the US. Slightly less popular than hamsters , guinea pigs are a popular choice. Like hamsters, their small size and accessibility likely make them a top pick. According to the AVMA, an estimated out of every 1, households owns a ferret. Again, makes sense due to their size and their availability in most pet stores.

Turtles are one of the most popular specialty pets, according to AVMA's calculations. They're even more popular than snakes and lizards. Despite their tough exterior, many pet owners find them to be sweet and docile. Like bird owners, those with reptiles feel that their pets are fun to talk about. Image credits: dailymail. Image credits: owlyoureyes. Image credits: superbwallpapers. Image credits: NikazDesignz. Image credits: Brittney Williford. Image credits: Wenda Atkin. Image credits: nytimes. Image credits: Igor Shpilenok.

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Which miniature animals make good pets?

Skunks have found their way into more and more families in recent years. They are amazing animals but they require a lot of time and special care. But if you keep it inside the house you should make sure it cannot get out.

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We have found examples of people who have potty trained skunks, so that is possible but you need a lot of patience and persistence. The Kinkajou also know as honey bears is probably one of the most charming and cute exotic animals you will find. It can live up to 35 years in captivity so prepare for a very long relationship.

2. Cutest Baby Chameleon

This is also one of the reasons why they are not the easiest species to keep in your home. They are wild animals and they have a reputation for biting and scratching, probably because they get bored. They are made for the rainforest where there are plenty of places to hide and play. In nature, it spends most of its time in trees where it can use its tail to swing and move around much like a monkey.

For the same reason, people often mistake them for monkeys. They are super cute with their small black eyes and sniffing around for milk and food. American domesticated hedgehogs typically come from Africa and they can be great companions. But as always, there are some things to consider first. As you might know, they have spikes all over the body and they will roll up and get prickly whenever they get surprised or nervous.

The little creatures are night creatures and will stay active during the night and be more passive during the day. However, if you are an early bird you might not get much social time with your Hedgehog pet. The Sugar Glider is another little adorable creature. They can glide through the air as they spread out their legs and they are born in a pouch like kangaroos.

They are also from Australia just like the Kangaroo.


Just like rats, they like to climb. So they require vertical space inside the cage in order to get entertained.

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  5. As their name indicates, they like to eat everything that is sweet and fresh so make sure not to have candy or other sweets laying around. Not we are back with the exotic cats.

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    The Serval is a little tiger-like cat with a very pretty yellow and black look. So if you are looking for a play-buddy for your kids, the Serval is not your best choice.

    List of 40 Rare and Unique Exotic Pets | PetHelpful

    It will prefer lots of space as it enjoys a good long sprint. But it does enjoy to play with its food and you can have a lot of fun watching it hunt and feed. Otherwise, it will probably break more stuff that you think. It will find any tiny hole in your fence and be gone in an instant.

    Here Are 15 Exotic Animals Trying To Take The Best Pet Title Away From Dogs

    They can be leash-trained and will react when you call their name. The Hyacinth Macaw is one of the largest parrots. This is also the reason it has become so popular. But it is also loud and your neighbors may not approve. Especially if you have several Hyacinth Macaws because they tend to start screeching when they group together.


    But if you have space and you live in the countryside you can definitely have a great time raising these great birds. They can also learn to speak words and repeat what you say even though they are not the best parrot breed for learning to speak. They are very intelligent so you can teach them tricks as well as words and commands.

    Miniature Donkeys are really cute. They are rather easy to train due to their good memory and they will make a great pet in families. Donkeys are great around kids and you can ride it if you can get it to move! Actually, they love to be cuddled and they can get up to around 40 years old so, with the good memory, it will be a life-long companion. You will need a decent piece of land for it to roam freely and you will also constantly need to get a lot of hay. But if you are up for it, the Miniature Donkey will be a great pet for the family. Tiny Kangaroos?

    The two animals are very similar but the Wallabies are a little smaller than the Wallaroos. The female is the smallest and it typically weighs around 45 pounds 20 kilograms. So they are around the size of a year-old kid. They love to play and you can teach them things and tricks. They are social too, so you can definitely have a good time around these creatures. They need to be around nature and they are heavy when you think about how much they jump around. So even though you can definitely take in inside the house once in a while, it should have access to plenty of outdoor space.