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He still clearly feared the disease and while he had no heir, the entire Tudor lineage was at stake.

'White Queen' died of plague, claims letter found in National Archives

His daughter Mary, who would become Queen Mary I, would be born five years later in Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics History books. Edward was born in London in His brother Richard, Duke of York, was born in in Shrewsbury. Edward IV had come to the throne as a result of the Wars of the Roses and managed to restore a certain amount of stability to the country.

Elizabeth Woodville: Mother of the Princes in the Tower

Edward's uncle, his father's brother, Richard, Duke of Gloucester, was named as protector. Elizabeth Woodville and her supporters attempted to replace Gloucester with a regency Council, aware of the dislike Gloucester had for them. As the new king, Edward V, travelled towards London, he was met by Gloucester and escorted to the capital, where he was lodged in the Tower of London.

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In June, Edward was joined by his brother, the Duke of York. It also provides a reason for why she was buried immediately upon her arrival at Windsor instead of being laid out in the chapel for several days.

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Known to cause a cold sweat, fever, heart palpitations and dehydration, the sweat killed between 30 to 50 percent of those struck with the illness in just 3 to 18 hours. While Henry never contracted the plague or the sweat, thousands of his subjects were not so lucky.

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Known then as Lady Elizabeth Grey, she had been widowed by the Wars of the Roses , an ongoing dynastic clash between two branches of the royal Plantagenet family. Regardless of how the pair truly met, it's clear that her renowned beauty immediately appealed to the notoriously lascivious young Yorkist.

Lost Princes of England (Documentary)

Still, the end of the year conflict found Elizabeth in a position of relative victory: She negotiated the marriage of her daughter, Elizabeth of York , to Henry VII, forging peace between the warring houses before her death by uniting the white rose of York with the red rose of Lancaster. Continue or Give a Gift.

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