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After 40 years of full-time counseling practice, in 25 countries, with a rich background in business, travel, and life, I am delighted to provide a truly relationship changing experience for those couples who are ready for more. I have also developed a sub-specialty in pornography addiction. I take time to integrate Biblical faith with practical guidance for all of my clients desiring to practice their faith in a manner consistent with their actions.

I love to work with people who are ready to get to work and discover what emotions, behaviors and thinking keeps them from living the life they desire to live. In addition to treating common symptoms of depression, anxiety, and trauma, I am trained in Gottman couples therapy, which provides simple and effective ways for couples to deepen intimacy, communicate better, and heal.

I also provide family therapy for life transitions, communication building, conflict resolution, and parenting. I also offer a LGBTQ and polyamorous safe counseling experience and provide informed relationship and family counseling for these communities. Brad Creel MA. I offer a compassionate, non-judgmental, therapeutic environment where my clients can feel welcome and safe. This setting allows clients the opportunity to express themselves deeply, and identify their authentic selves.

I utilize an eclectic approach to therapy, based on the different needs of my clients. As a psychodynamic therapist, I believe that healing can happen through accessing the realm of the unconscious. This process of exploring thoughts and images can be daunting, but also immensely satisfying and life changing. I specialize in restoring broken relationships with individuals, couples and families in my SE Portland Location. I have over 20 years of experience helping hurting individuals develop better communication skills, resolve conflict and improve the quality of their relationships.

I use a direct, honest and compassionate approach. Benjamin Skolnik Psychologist , PsyD. This experience often arises from a belief that inner conflict and complexity is a problem to be solved rather than a state of affairs to be understood and befriended.

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Sometimes this unmanageability shows up as anxiety, where the mind dreads bad outcomes and wont allow you to enjoy your life. Other times as depression, where the mind is mired in hopelessness, despair, or resentment. Addictions of various sorts can also arise from this state of affairs, whereby we try to distract or quiet our minds through destructive patterns of behavior. Contact me andrea uycounseling. Sitting and talking about your problems with a stranger isn't as difficult as it seems.

It can actually be relieving, enlightening, and even fun at times, with the right therapist. With the right therapist, these feelings move from being weird to comfortable, awkward to comforting, and from feeling alone to feeling authentically connected. Through a unique approach to talk therapy, I help my clients navigate through the challenges of daily living, which can often include lots of unpleasant feelings.

I've witnessed profound impacts in my work with people, where shame becomes self acceptance and overwhelm becomes relief and ease. I welcome everyone who wants to work with me, and especially welcome those who may not have felt comfortable in therapy before, possibly due to experiencing marginality, societal oppression, or being shy. I also tend to work well with over achievers, sensitive introverts, and perfectionists struggling to find a stable sense of self worth.

My practice is anti oppression and trauma informed. Health Allies specializes in healing from narcissistic abuse, domestic violence, and adult children of childhood abuse.

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If you have struggled with relationships with family members or romantic partners who have personality disorders, psychotic disorders or substance abuse, we can help you sort out your goals for healing and help you get to a better place. I believe counseling is a unique experience where strengths are activated and brokenness healed -- as a result, clients commonly experience relief, clarity, and renewed purpose.

My style of counseling is warm and engaging. It is also focused. From the first session to the last, I use evidenced-based tools to track both the quality of our relationship as well as progress towards your goals. This keeps us on track until you've received the help you came for.

If you think you are ready, I offer confidential counseling and support for people working on identity, anxiety and depression, trauma, relationship challenges, and most other concerns. Refine Results Men's Issues. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Published on Dec 28, SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads.

You can change your ad preferences anytime. Nov 27 mr fix-it has the touch.

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Michael and Amy Smalley

Why not share! Embed Size px. I said. We already have a fantastic, God-given internal toolbox. The patient-listening tool, the tender-touch tool, the open-sharing tool. In a moment that seemed frozen in time, the three of us looked at each other and said in the same breath, The Bible! The three of us agree on all the material in this book. All three of us have been counseling men about their relationships for years.

You may already have some of these tools.

Men's Relational Toolbox

Others you may need to add to your relational toolbox. If your relational toolbox has rusty hinges, you may need a full-scale shopping spree. Even the best of us struggle in one or two areas of relating to those we love. Ever tried to use a pair of pliers to drive a nail into a stud? The results? A crooked nail, a bruised thumb, and a heavy dose of frustration. The same is true with relating. So grab your toolbox and follow us. The truth is this: We build and repair our relationships much the same way we build and repair anything else—by using the right tools.

Our ability to effectively build or repair our relationships depends on the quality and number of items in what we call our relational toolbox. If you want to build or repair a deck around your house, you need a box full of the right kind of tools. The same is true if you want to build or repair a relationship.

However, the problem with many of us guys is that we lack the right relational tools for the job. It makes us different. Robert is a teacher, a guy whose most dangerous work tool is a pencil. He spends his hours instructing students about the wily ways of the English language. But like most guys, Robert has a toolbox on the garage shelf at home. Unfortunately, she forgot to close the garage door when she left. When she and Robert met up at home at the end of the day, Robert announced that something tragic had happened.

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Robert stood in the garage, pacing in small circles, a vacant look in his eyes. My tools, he said over and over. Someone took my tools. Can you believe that?

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New tools? Standing there staring at the empty garage shelf where his toolbox once sat, he thought, What if I need to fix something? We men often feel this same sense of inadequacy when we try to build or fix important relationships. We may not be builders or mechanics or carpenters, but we feel secure knowing our toolbox is out there in the garage.

And we believe you can have that same feeling once you get to the second half of this book and stock your internal toolbox with the right relational tools. Lots of guys we know never build things and rarely even repair them. But almost every guy has a toolbox with at least these tools. Because there are some things most guys are good at, and one of them is using tools to build and repair things.

Our guess is that whether you are an accountant or a truck driver, a doctor or a delivery guy, you have a toolbox stocked with tools that you know how to use to accomplish some basic tasks. Hang a picture. Install basic shelving. Tighten and loosen things like door hinges. Install a screen door. Replace a faucet. Change furnace filters. Install a new light fixture. Fix a broken toy.