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But the tools are in hand. Since he has been pursuing and reporting on the cutting edge of extreme sports in more than 40 countries around the globe, his work appearing in magazines, films, and on MTV Sports. Download Tom Hatsis is an intellectual, occultist, psychedelic user and advocate from Portland, Oregon. In the show, Joe and Tom talk about his new book about microdosing. Joe prepares listeners about the controversial topic, magick, which is highly discussed in the show.

Witch craft, western shamanism, old religion and magick are all mentioned during the conversation. Tom is a coordinator for Sanctum Psychedelica, a psychedelic club in Portland. Portland is a great place for the psychedelic renaissance Microdosing Magic Tom said we should be using psychedelics in a magical way Joe agrees saying when using psychedelics we should be flexible philosophically Joe mentions the Robert Anton Wilson reality tunnels We all have a B.

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But what happens when you put healthy diet with exercise? You have something far more powerful than those two things could have been by themselves. That's how microdosing magic works. We felt way more energy, I started writing way more songs, I couldn't put my guitar down.

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Thomas Hatsis is an author, lecturer, and historian of witchcraft, magic, Western religions, contemporary psychedelia, entheogens, and medieval pharmacopeia. Lex Pelger - Bluebird Botanicals. Download Key Takeaways Bluebird Botanicals is leading the industry in third-party testing and Lab results, green initiatives and a stand on hemp policy.

Lex has a lot of hope for the Farm Bill, and believes hemp has widespread uses that will open many market opportunities in the future. The use cases of hemp and drug war are discussed. Who is Lex Pelger? He is a Science Director of Bluebird Botanicals. Lex moves from New York to Colorado. Moved from the hustle of New York to Colorado to have his baby. Lex says people taking mushrooms in the woods together is so special, simply because a group of people is spending hours with nature and with each other.

Bluebird Botanicals Many different products - isolates, oils, vape juice, and topicals will be back soon Independent Lab Verification Leading the industry with third-party lab results Transparent about ingredients, NO pesticides used! They don't burn it for you, you have to burn it yourself while you watch.

The Senate version of the Farm Bill is correct, the House version has none of the correct language in it. McConnell and the pro-hemp committee will hash out the differences between the two bills. This Bill expands on all of the rights so it makes it look more enticing and safe for big businesses like Whole Foods and Banks. This bill is going to open up many markets.

It's not a war on drugs, it's a war on people. He appreciates Bluebird for having proper business practice Final Thoughts Lex finished his Moby Dick Pot books about the endocannabinoid system and the war on drugs He says he based them on Moby Dick because it was the only thing large enough to fit the entire history of cannabis and war on drugs He does the Greener Grass Podcast for Bluebird which includes topics on cannabis and green initiatives. Brian Pace, M. Joe Moore interviews Brian Pace.

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The conference was foundational in him becoming outspoken about psychedelics. Ibogaine - last resort option for people suffering from addiction. Brian and the team built The Third Wave with the goal to bring the conversation about psychedelics to be more comfortable among the general public.

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It has been good about building bridges to invite all types of people to the community, not just white males. It's important to be inclusive in this space.

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Find the Others Started at Psychedelic Science, to talk about what psychedelic societies are. Aware Project by Ashley Booth www. I think that's definitely what's needed with psychedelics. S has done illegal compounds at age 15 and up. Psychedelics have taken a big chunk of that number. Cannabis is a great help for football players and traumatic brain injury. If you start driving on LSD, you might lose that right. Find the Others, Mind Manifest Midwest, The Third Wave A collaborative project that allows people to speak in their own words what they are doing in their psychedelic societies.

Psychedelic Societies are real, local and create community. Evolutionary Ecology Psilocybin - PhD focused on plant secondary compounds. Guaranteed minimum income - an experiment in other countries. What does our society look like when it is less stressed? Everyone carries a piece of the puzzle. Nobody comes into your life by mere coincidence. Trust your instincts. Do the unexpected. Saw the inside of 36 prisons for possession of marijuana. His interest in biology was piqued acutely as a teenager while experimenting with his own neurochemistry.

For more than a decade, Brian has worked on agrobiodiversity, food sovereignty, urban cycling, and climate change in the US and Mexico. Brian is the co-founder of Mind Manifest Midwest facebook.

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Since , he has contributed as a strategist for The Third Wave thethirdwave. At The Ohio State University, he co-created a graduate-level class entitled: Cannabis: Past, present, and future cultivation for fiber, food, and medicine. He spent a year slogging around oil and wastewater pits left by Chevron-Texaco testing mycoremediation techniques in the Ecuadorian Amazon. All pipelines leak.

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Plant medicine is indigenous technology. Brian completes his Ph. In this episode of Psychedelics Today, Kyle and Joe dig into and create conversation over an email received about the cost of psychedelics, the facets of capitalism and about feeling isolated after a psychedelic experience. Psychedelics aren't always needed for a psychedelic experience. Ketamine Therapy - believed it would help with their depression, but ended up spending a thousand dollars every two weeks.

Joe - curious that ketamine lozenges may be a cheaper option that could help. Kyle - in America, healing is a privilege. We work hard to pay for health insurance, or even if we are insured through work or family, it gets hard to pay for because of the premiums.


There are so many other options than capitalist outlets to find spiritual development. Capitalism does incentivize doctors and healers.

After having my near-death experience, I didn't know to talk to people, how to function in the world. A near-death experience is one of the most psychedelic things. It can lead to isolation.

Suzanne Rock

It can be extremely heavy. Kyle believes in not just constantly going into these experiences, but more about the integration of the experiences. Kyle - it makes sense to feel like you need to connect with someone who has done psychedelics in order for them to understand, but we can connect with other people who may not have had psychedelic experiences. The psychedelic experience isn't the only way. We can also experience spiritualism and healing without psychedelics, too. In this discussion, we cover personal journeying, changing behavioral processes, Jiu Jitsu and where we are headed as a collective consciousness.

Each type of psychedelic works as its own tool. They are all useful in their own context and should not be compared to each other as better or worse. Shane has used psychedelic therapy to help rewire past imprinted constructs of his mind to learn new behaviors in his Jiu Jitsu practice and his daily life. Our childhood leaves imprints that effect our behavior as adults.

Hyper-masculinity is a result of repressing past issues.