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Here are 20 quotes about second chances:

Siddhant recognized that Novacib was bound to encounter less-than-honest salespeople, but he was still having trouble believing that Uday would be the one to get into trouble first. At the same time, there was no denying his outsize contribution to the success of the firm—and how hard it would be to replace him. They dialed in Shraddha on speakerphone.

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He all but admitted that he lied. After all, he did meet with everyone he said he had. She looked up at Siddhant. And if this ever got out to our customers or the press, it could destroy our reputation.

Are people actually going to care about three names listed for the wrong day on one weekly report? How can we trust him going forward? Are you going to check with his customers every week to confirm his reports? Shraddha was silent on the line. Siddhant closed his eyes briefly. He knew she was right that the company would suffer if they fired Uday.

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Bhavna broke the silence. Did you get the thank-you note my wife sent? Siddhant had dreaded making the call, but before he reached a decision, he wanted to talk with Uday himself. I just want to hear your side of the story.

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I was feeling the pressure with the new baby. Siddhant hated to hear Uday sound so dejected. But part of him still felt betrayed. He reminded himself that Uday could easily find another job, especially since Novacib had no intention of going public with the circumstances if they let him go. But Uday would be devastated nonetheless.

Unfortunately, leaders must sometimes fire employees who cheat.

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In a previous company I worked at, I had a sales rep who was knocking it out of the park. I went by his desk to check in with him. I let him go immediately even though it was hard to lose a high performer. There are two key factors he should take into account. Had he earned a commission or bonus based on the false report, that would warrant termination.

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  • That is not the case here. Second, if Siddhant were to fire Uday, he might put the company at risk.

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    Uday could pursue legal action, claiming that the company invaded his privacy by checking his social media accounts. In my current role at RingCentral, I focus on building trust with our people. Food Waste It's everybody's problem. Alison Jolicoeur Founding President. She is dedicated to helping people live healthier lives in harmony with the natural cycles of the Earth and she is passionate about helping to end food insecurity and reducing food waste locally, nationally, and globally!

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    Jean McGee Secretary. She has taught at both schools and is a Licensed Massage Therapist. Jean also runs a food co-op and homeschools her children. Alice Johnson was a single mother of five living in Memphis, Tennessee, when her family was hit with a series of tragedies: she lost her seven-year managerial job, her home was foreclosed on, and her youngest son passed away in a motorcycle accident.

    Panicked and desperate to make ends meet, Alice made a horrible mistake: she began helping pass coded messages for a drug trafficking ring.

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    As a non-violent offender, Alice was offered a plea deal of between three to five years in prison. But after exercising her constitutional right to a trial, she was sentenced to life in prison without parole — even though it was her first offense. Alice never gave up on the hope of reuniting with her family.

    While in prison, she worked to change her life, becoming an ordained minister, getting certifications across a wide range of areas, and acting as a mentor for other incarcerated women. She wrote original plays that were then brought to life at the prison—they were so popular that they became the largest program by inmate participation at the prison. Alice is using her second chance to be with her family and to tell her story through her work as a writer and speaker.

    But John also struggled with addiction to alcohol.