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This fall I joined the ranks of Shawn Baker's all-meat cult for 30 days. Here's what happened.

The second major change in carbohydrate uptake is marked by the mass production and consumption of refined carbohydrates and sugars marked by the Industrial Revolution. Before sugar became a low-cost commodity, overweight and obesity was a privilege of the aristocracy. This privilege spread to the rest of the people in England first. With their massive importation of ever-cheaper sugar during the 18th century, they became the first country in which obesity became endemic through larger segments of the population.

The 1st sugar wave started in England and spread quickly through the second half of the 19th century with the boom of the sugar beet industry. Sugar infiltrated and morphed foods into new versions. We saw the rise of jams, candies, and chocolates. Beverages like tea and coffee became sweet tea and sweetened coffee.

During this time we saw an astronomical increase in sugar consumption compared to the miniscule amounts just one generation prior. But it was nothing compared to when the next 2 waves hit. The 2nd wave hit after the Great Depression s when the fruit juice and cereal industry took off. By the s, thanks to phenomenal marketing and the addictive properties of sugar, breakfast foods turned into desserts.

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Refined white sugar is bad. But in we made sugar even more dangerous with the discovery of high fructose corn syrup HFCS — which was even sweeter and cheaper than refined white sugar.

What I Learned from a Month on the Carnivore Diet

By the 70s and 80s HFCS infiltrated our diets. It was loaded into soft drinks and juices, snacks and desserts, syrups and salad dressings.

It has to be detoxified. Not unlike alcoholism, chronic HFCS consumption bombards the liver with a toxin in excess. This can fatten and damage the liver. With this abuse, the liver eventually starts ignoring insulin, thereby impairing its ability to process glucose. Again, blood glucose builds up, the pancreas pumps more insulin, fat accumulates, appetite gets dysregulated, and hormonal systems dysfunction.

Glycation is especially dangerous with fructose — causing glycation at X the rate of glucose. And for diabetics who already have high blood sugar, this is a recipe for accelerated aging and vascular damage. Moreover, there is some evidence that too much fructose like in the quantities you get when you chug HFCS-laden sodas can cause unique problems.

I'm a Registered Dietitian and I Really Don't Want You to Eat a Carnivore Diet

The liver has to use ATP to convert fructose. After lots of conversions, it can leave an excess of the ADP byproduct hanging around. The buildup of ADP thus turns into uric acid and is sent to the kidneys for removal. Some people think this triggers gout. They are fructose-free for life.

And they are among the healthiest people in existence. By the end of the 3rd sugar wave grocery store aisles were littered with low-fat products. These food inventions removed the fat and replaced it with sugar. Since the s the incidence of diabetes has more than tripled. Now almost 1 in 3 US adults have it.

And doctors are now treating the 1st generation of kids with fatty livers. As early as the s, the sugar industry discovered that if Americans adopted low-fat diets, then per-capita consumption of sucrose would increase by more than one-third. And they knew that when they added sugar to processed foods, we buy more of them. The sugar industry went on to pay scientists to downplay the link between sugar and heart disease, and instead to pin saturated fat as the scapegoat. For the next 50 years sugar-sponsored research heavily manipulated science to protect its commercial interests, to influence regulations, and to shape public opinion.

We still feel this influence today with our current dietary recommendations. Not until recently did a group of researchers perform a detailed review of the 60 studies between and that looked at whether sugary drinks contribute to obesity or diabetes. About half of the studies found no link — all funded by the sugar industry or conducted by people with financial ties to the industry. The other half of studies did find a link — nearly all of these were independently funded.

The sugar industry made it into Harvard too via Dr. And by manipulating research and recommendations, they also manipulated our beliefs about food. In a doctor named Ancel Keys manipulated some data to conclude that animal fats were responsible for the dramatic rise in heart disease. His conclusions were based on epidemiology observational studies and these are limited in many ways even without cherry-picking the data. Using USDA consumption data, compared to a century ago Americans eat less saturated fat and less red meat but more poultry. And we eat a whole lot more carbs in the form of grains and sugars.

The result: our health is getting worse and worse. There was no evidence to link saturated fat to heart disease. In , Dr. Although agriculture transformed diets across the globe, there have been societies that maintained an ancestral meat-based diet.

Carbohydrates and the Carnivore Diet

And by and large, they demonstrated superior health. They lacked the chronic diseases that plague modern life. Low carb diets have received some recent publicity and popularity. Atkins Diet was extremely popular. The Ketogenic Diet has become a household name. And now the Carnivore Diet is starting to take off.

The Carnivore Diet - What to Eat | Meat Health

High-carb diets, in the context of human diets over time, are the new kid on the block. And the new kid has been a troublemaker.

In Jean Brillat-Savarin published a book which blamed a relatively new problem, obesity, on starches, flours, and sugars. And less than 20 years after that Jean-Francois Dancel claimed every case of obesity could be cured with a diet consisting primarily of meat.

Carnivore Diet Food List

He struggled with obesity throughout his adult life. He tried everything to lose the weight, but nothing worked. He came across Dr. William Harvey, an ENT who was researching the effects of sugars and starches, and consulted with him. Harvey told him to try eliminating sugar, bread, and potatoes. He told Banting to focus on eating large amounts of meat. Banting finally lost the weight. We tend to think of medicine as primitive in the 19th century, but what they lacked in science during this time, they seemed to compensate with simple common sense, observation, and experience.

Yet with the rise of processed and refined carbs, the 3 sugar waves, and misaligned industry motives, the success of these low-carb diets were forgotten in the 20th century.