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Tudor Facts For Kids

Another consequence of this need was the English Reformation, as Henry split the English Church away from the Pope and Catholicism in order to divorce.

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He was succeeded by his only surviving son, Edward VI. It's the wives that capture the headlines, particularly as two were executed and the religious developments divided England for centuries, leading to a question that just cannot be agreed upon: was Henry VIII a tyrant, a great leader, or somehow both?

The son which Henry VI much desired, Edward inherited the throne as a boy and died only six years later, his reign having been dominated by two ruling councilors, Edward Seymour, and then John Dudley. He is the great unknown in English history and could have changed the future of the nation in remarkable ways, such was the era.

The Tudors – The Six Wives of Henry VIII

Lady Jane Grey is the great tragic figure of the Tudor era. She was executed in , having done little personally beyond being used by others as a figurehead.

Mary was the first queen to rule England in her own right. A pawn of potential marriage alliances in her youth, although none came to fruition, she was also declared illegitimate when her father, Henry VIII, divorced her mother Catherine, and was only later brought back into the succession. Her actions in bringing back the heresy laws and executing Protestants earned her the nickname Bloody Mary. But Mary's life isn't just a tale of religious killing. She was desperate for an heir, resulting in a false but very advanced pregnancy, and as a woman fighting to rule a nation, broke the barriers Elizabeth later walked through.

Historians are now assessing Mary in a new light.

She remains masked to historians, her true feelings and thoughts hidden away. Her reputation as a great ruler is faulty, as she relied far more on dithering and her inbuilt difficulty in making decisions than canny judgment. The Tudors passed into history. And yet they have enjoyed a considerable afterlife, and remain among the most famous monarchs in the world.

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Great and interesting! I cant beleive that they decided to eat with their hands! They sound like they are cavemen! I cannot believe those facts.

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Ten Minute English and British History #17 - The Early Tudors: Henry VIII and the Church of England

See all. Nat Geo Kids discovers ten fast facts about the Tudors!

Nat Geo Kids discovers ten fast facts about the Tudors!

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The Tudors

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Tudor Family Tree

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