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Assange took an active part in the attempt to break into the U. Government and Military networks. That is absolutely a crime.

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But Michael Foley—the military lies all the time. The lies favored are those which protect it and are encouraged and celebrated Meanwhile ,the Truth Tellers are condemned to Hell. While ironically, all the men in government who evaded war, now religiously practice it.

Did the Pentagon Papers case actually establish that?

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It seems you are mythologizing that U. Supreme Court decision, which stopped well short of what you claim it established. Elementary logic says: Who began first? Are you brainwashed or just ignorant? You proceed anyway on the basis that the allegations made are already true.

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But what is the basis? Any indictment and attempt to extradite would naturally have to accuse Assange of illegally doing some illegal thing. The question is whether it is true or an appropriate charge.

Goodale is saying it is dangerous: the US government has a record. And it will want to apply the same standard to all news-gathering: either make reporting on leaks and information it does not want revealed, by definition, illegal or, if not, make all such reporting, news-gathering subject to legal action—the subjects of, facing life in a dark prison.

If we care about First Amendment activity, free speech, this is a disaster. It is really obvious what this is all about. No concern about the thousands of victims of the US wars of aggression, revealed by Wikileaks, or this story about the soldier who was haunted by his actions and how the military responded.

Thank god for Julian Assange and Wikileaks. Nothing has turned out to be inaccurate that he has exposed. Unlike so many other sources, including how all the mainstream media got it worng about WMD in Iraq.

Gloria's unquenchable libido might be attributed to the Great Zedorro, a stage hypnotist who changed her life during the second world war by turning her into a rod of iron and, by curious coincidence, sweeping away what resistance she might have offered her GI boyfriend, Ron. With that act of surrender, the narrative's convoluted and mysterious events are set in train, to resurface odd years later in Gloria's patchy and possibly deliberately fragmented memory. Questions of paternity often seem to crop up in Jensen's novels, but here there are also questions of maternity.

Gloria's son, Hank, appears frequently by her side, but he is soon joined by a woman claiming to be her daughter; meanwhile, Gloria is haunted by the ghost of a baby girl, apparently bleeding to death. How many children she had, who they are and where they came from ratchets up the tension in this clever, complex novel, whose repeated reference to hypnotism, amnesia and mind control is skilfully managed and exploited to provide a sense of the lasting mental damage of war-time trauma.

As Gloria's dependents fume and fret over her recalcitrance, so do the gaps in her story appear more and more irreconcilable, until Jensen suddenly and powerfully joins them altogether towards the novel's end. Jensen has created a more recognisable and enduring character than Graham's chameleon adventuress, and the interplay between the comedy of survival and the inescapable consequences of tragedy is more obviously directed in her novel. None the less, both of these tales are impressively capricious and imaginative, and both take us more generously into their lives of their heroines than their staider counterparts.

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Palestinian sues former Israeli commander Gantz for war crimes

Fiction reviews. The Handbook can be accessed here. To purchase a copy, click here. In this interview of Scott Leckie, the DS Director discusses his fifteen years of work in post-conflict countries and how war and its aftermath inevitably undermines housing, land and property rights. To access it, click here. DS Report — Holding HLP Violators Accountable, September This publication, prepared by DS legal consultant Ezekiel Simperingham, outlines which acts and omissions satisfy the criteria for being labelled as crimes against humanity and war crimes, and more importantly, the judicial and other avenues that are now available to provide redress for this misdeeds.

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DS Handbook on HLP Rights and Peace Mediation, May DS Director, Scott Leckie, has designed a Handbook to assist peace mediators to better address the HLP aspects of their efforts, and to facilitate a more consistent and comprehensive embrace of these issues within the eventual terms of negotiated arrangements, including the formal peace agreements. Volume Magazine Interview on the Effect of War on Housing, Land and Property Rights, February In this interview of Scott Leckie, the DS Director discusses his fifteen years of work in post-conflict countries and how war and its aftermath inevitably undermines housing, land and property rights.

The Peninsula Principles Turn 6! In all countries, the act of compulsorily acquiring land is highly regulated and something which rights-respecting governments are often reluctant… This will manifest in a multitude of ways, with the issue of climate displacement providing perhaps the most graphic example in this regard. The scale of climate displacement is likely to dwarf current levels of displacement throughout the world caused by conflict, disaster and poorly planned development projects.

While estimates of the scale of future climate displacement are notoriously difficult to prove with any precision, it is certain that tens, if not hundreds, of millions of people will be forced by the consequences of climate change to flee their homes and lands, and in some instances, their countries. International and national laws and institutions are arguably not yet capable of ensuring that the rights of climate displaced persons will be fully respected.

The ravages of climate change and climate displacement continue to worsen, and in many respects are turning out to be more rapid, more severe and more widespread than initially predicted.