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Wedding Bell Blues by Sloan Wainwright

Anonymous , Mar 13, Famous when dead Morrissey has been collecting music for a long time and is more than able to credit the correct song writer. Can anyone offer an explanation as to why all the music press are only mentioning The 5th Dimension and not Laura Nyro - the actual song's writer and person who sang it 3 years prior? Seems odd. That's like saying he's covering It's Over by Bonnie Tyler. Regards, FWD. Funny x 1.

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Alexi , Mar 13, Informative x 1. What's next, some guy getting it up the exhaust pipe from another guy? Jeez, to think of the effort Moz used to put into covers. Lionsy , Mar 13, Flibberty Good to know that there will be another original b-side.

Wedding Bell Blues 7” Pre-Order

Flibberty , Mar 13, Kewpie , Mar 13, Like x 1. Famous when dead , Mar 14, Alexi , Mar 14, Informative x 3. Ketamine Sun. Ketamine Sun , Mar 14, Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube.

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